Practice Announcement: We have moved!


Practice Announcement
We have moved!
As you may know, our office space at Preston & Royal  was severely damaged by the October tornado and the building is going to be closed or demolished.  As a result, we have been working tirelessly to find new office space in a convenient location that will serve all of our patients’ needs.  Finally, after much effort, we are pleased to announce the location of our new office:
7515 Greenville Avenue Suite 810 
Dallas, TX 75231 
(214) 691-5651
We are located at the NW corner of Greenville and Walnut Hill, across the street from Presbyterian Hospital.  You may recognize the building as the Bank of America Building.
We are open for business!  Our office space will be completely renovated over the next several months, so, we kindly ask you to “pardon our dust” as we work with our landlord to modernize our facilities for your benefit.  
Also, we will be contacting you as we have always done in order to schedule your next appointments.  
We are thrilled to share this news with you —- and we hope that you have a wonderful holiday season.
Thank you,
Dr. Volluz



Our Services
We offer a range of dental services designed to provide you with a great smile in the least evasive ways possible. In the event of a problem, we offer the latest technology and techniques to provide a solution.

We recommend patients visit us at least twice a year for regular checkups. This allows us to clean your teeth and check for any problems. It’s always better to catch potential issues earlier rather than later.
Regular cleaning is an important part of dental health. Brushing and flossing are essential, but a thorough professional cleaning removes even more plaque from the surface of teeth.
Sealants a good way to prevent cavities on the chewing surface of the teeth and work especially well with molars and other teeth with deep grooves.
Fillings allow us to remove decayed areas and provide a better surface for chewing. This technique works better on smaller cavities.
Crowns (Caps)
Crowns are another way to fix decay and are molded and shaped for the individual tooth to ensure a secure fit. This technique works better on larger cavities.
Root Canal
Root canal is technique for saving an infected tooth. It involves removing the soft tissue (“pulp”) in the hollow center of the tooth and replacing it with a special material.
Bridges are way to replace a missing tooth. Each end of the bridge fits over the teeth adjacent to the gap and is connected to a crown in the middle.
Dentures are a tried and true method for replacing missing teeth. They are fitted to the gums and are held in place by an adhesive. Dentures can be removed.
Implants are a newer method of replacing missing teeth that involves placing a titanium cylinder in place of the root of the original tooth. A crown is then attached to the cylinder. Implants are permanent and generally more convenient than dentures.
Whitening uses an oxidizing solution to break down stains on teeth. It is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to bring teeth back to a natural white appearance.

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